A magical tool to stimulate the mind

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Timeless jewelry inspired by alchemy.

Our jewelry is inspired by symbolism that comes from alchemy.

Alchemy focuses on spiritual development, with enlightenment (or spiritual gold) as its final goal. Our jewelry is meant to find this enlightenment by discovering the true meaning that is hidden within the alchemical symbolism.

Our jewelry pieces are a magical tool to stimulate the mind and we encourage you to start your philosophical journey with us.

"Aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi."

Rosarium Philosophorum, Frankfurt am Main, 1550.


Symbolic engravings with timeless meaning

We produce our signature bead in a modern way using 3D modeling and 3D printing. Everything else is handmade with the greatest care in selecting our gemstones and beading our jewelry.

We aimed to create a sustainable and timeless product, something that will hold its value as the years go by. Because of the subtle blend of clever mysticism with gemstones and premium materials, we believe that you wear something truly unique and meaningful when you choose a Modern Alchemy piece.

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