Sun (gold)

It is said of the philosopher and thaumaturge Empedocles that he asserted the excistence of two suns. The hermetic doctrines also include a double sun, and distinguish between a bright spirit-sun, the "philosophical gold", and the dark natural sun, corresponding to "material gold". The former consists of the essential fire that is conjoined with the ether or the 'glow air'.

Source: Roob, A. (2009) The Hermetic Cabinet, Köln: Taschen.

The most important symbol in our jewellery is in the centre of our signature bead, it’s the symbol that represents these two suns. A quote that comes from Alchemy is:

“Aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi.”

It means: “Our gold is not the gold of the crowd.” For the alchemists the physical material had a metaphysical counterpart. This is where our slogan “a magical tool to stimulate the mind” comes from. Our jewellery is supposed to be a tool to make you start your philosophical thinking. While wearing a Modern Alchemy piece we challenge you to think about what this “gold” is supposed to mean. What is this spiritual gold? And why does it also represent the sun? When you find it, you have unlocked the magic in our jewellery.

Moon (silver)